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The cowgirl frame the English chair

At Caballos Marvão we have several saddle models, which we will assign to each client according to their physical capacities. The most common for us is the cowgirl, traditional Spanish chair of great comfort that originally served the cowboys to be able to endure riding all day while taking care of the livestock. Made with a rye-covered leather frame, the sheepskin that it carries provides great comfort to the rider. It even prevents the most novices from getting sore. Its shape allows great support to the horse and could also serve as a very soft pillow to spend the night in the open. The blanket of Castile that led to the front (in modern and only remains a symbolic vestige, of adornment) was very useful to support the coldest nights. The stirrups, large, are traditionally made of iron, but we have changed them all to plastic to reduce the weight of them and especially to protect the horse.

Faced with this model, the most classic is the English saddle, much smaller in size and with greater contact with the horse. It is the preferred one who already has enough experience on horseback. Totally leather, it is very light and easy to place. We use it on all horses with more round shapes, for a better grip. Stirrups in the shape of a bell, very safe.

The Portuguese mount is very showy, with velvet-like material, very soft, and with a lot of studding. They are the chairs of the rejoneadores, very flirtatious and of great subject for the rider thanks to his frontal comb.

There is also a western saddle, with a great grip on the horse, although a little hard, and finally a raid-type chair, less than 2kgs in weight, ideal for long distances.

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