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  • Thank you very much for booking with Caballos Marvao your activities, the process to reserve your places is very simple, you have to do the following:

    • See all our routes to horses and equestrian activities.
    • Check the calendar for the days that are celebrated and the places available.
    • Contact us from the contact form or through the Web Chat system.
    • You can also call us by phone at +34 660-99 01 36 / +351 964-59 42 02.
    • To make the reservation effective, pay the amount indicated or with a transfer to the account ESXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX or through the PayPal system of the Web.
    • Once we confirm your reservation you just have to come the chosen day half an hour before the start of the route, we will be waiting for you with open arms.


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