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Here at Caballos Marvão we consider the horses as part of the team and treat them with immense respect. This is precisely why we do not use shoes, which would cause damage to their joints.

Those who ride with us establish an emotional relationship with their horse from start to finish. So we encourage our riders to catch, brush, and saddle their horse, and then shower them at the end of each ride. Completing this process is part of the ‘ritual’ that will help form a bond between rider and horse.

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What to know before riding


The equestrian routes, given their uniqueness, must meet a series of requirements that ensure the quality, safety and comfort of horses and riders. The characteristics and requirements of the routes are: the ground, the width, the slope, the way to transfer the obstacles, the altimetry, the accumulated variation and the signaling. The Caballeros Marvão professionals will choose the route that best suits the client’s characteristics.

The initiates have no reason to be afraid: before starting our journey, there will be a place for an informative session in which they can prepare and learn everything that is necessary to make a safe trip. We have horses for children, very safe, that will allow them to ride alone and thus feel like a true rider. On the other hand, those with more experience will have the opportunity to find unique conditions to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Our trips are suitable for people between 2 and 80 years old. It is advisable a maximum weight of 100kgs. If it weighs more than that, we will have to evaluate if it is safe for that person to ride (it will depend on his agility). No special conditions are necessary to make our route; we adapt it and choose the right horse for you. If you follow our instructions, you can enjoy a beautiful walk. You just need to trust our horses. Obviously it is about animals and it can always be a case of an accident, there is always a risk, but it will be minimal if our safety rules are followed.

The horse saddles that we use are the Spanish cowgirl, the English, the Portuguese and the western. We will assign them to each rider according to his abilities.

Required equipment.

Horses Marvão gives as a piece of equipment a helmet to be able to ride safely. The rest of the team is easy to obtain. We recommend the use of long, flexible and seamless pants; high boots in winter or sneakers in summer, shirt inside the pants, and the optional use of gloves (at least in winter or for routes of longer duration).

More information.

There is currently no official classification or certification in Portugal of the type of horses used in equestrian tourism. In the absence of an official certification, for reasons of safety, we, the professionals of equestrian tourism, have chosen horses that have some of the essential characteristics of this activity: value and versatility; robustness to withstand stress, change of nutrition and routine; the formation of activity and work habits in a group space and exchange; health, with special attention to the respiratory tract and the locomotor system; serene, not to be frightened during the journey and allow the rider to direct the horse without difficulty.

Nor does the Portuguese legislation determine the number of companions required for equestrian tourism groups. Following the recommendation of Equustur (2011), which we subscribe, we take a minimum of one adult companion for every 10 tourists. If there are children in the group, the number of guides will be reinforced, never exceeding the limit of 8 children per guide. We, based on our experience, will maintain an adult on foot since there are two beginner children under 8 years old, and two guides from 8 people in the case of beginner riders.

For safety, smoking is not allowed during horseback riding.

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In addition to stimulating walks, we also organize hippotherapeutic activities for people with physical or cognitive impairments, Down syndrome, autism and problems with balance or psychomotor development.

What is Hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is the use of horses in therapeutic activities targeting a wide array of ailments. Its aim is to help develop both the physical and psychological states, by the participant developing a relationship with their horse. This practice provides better integration in society and a better quality of life.

The horse, when walking, causes certain three-dimensional movements, producing beneficial effects for the rider in regards to motor development and/or capacity building.

In addition, the pulses transmitted by both the horse and the rider cause neuromuscular improvement.

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding have been documented as far back as 460 BCE in Ancient Greece, and in 1960 it experienced its renaissance, becoming widely popular throughout Europe and the United States. It evolved through the centers of NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, North American Association of Riding for the Disabled), and more recently with the AHA (American Hippotherapy Association).

Source consulted: http://psicopedagogia-curativa.blogspot.pt

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Farm School

Come and share with us one day on our farm. We recommend this especially for groups of children, and we guarantee that our activities will provide them with an unforgettable day. We offer a ride on our gentle horses, teaching the kids how to deal with them.

There will also be traditional games, along with an exciting treasure hunt all over our property. At noon it’s time to cook, and nothing will taste better than a pizza in our traditional wood oven. Each pizza will be made by the children themselves according to their liking. All of this within an unique environment, breathing fresh air at full blast and with magnificent views over the UNESCO candidate Marvao.

We accept big groups of children between 10 and 50 childrens, (we have a team of experienced instructors).

Duration: Usually activities are carried out for half a day or the whole day, but you can contact our team if you want something different.

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